Meet The Team Behind SAWS


Director / Mapper For Lancashire

After receiving a Masters degree in Engineering Stephen set off to help design and build some of the UKs most iconic strucutres whilst also developing a deep knowledge of remapping and ECUs

Owner of the ZR VVC 170 


Prefers a screaming naturally aspirated engine, as in his words "boost is cheating!"


Director / Mapper For Yorkshire

 With a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. William has been involved the design and production of gearboxes to deepsea exploration vehicles. 


Owner and developer, of the supercharged VVC project.


Goal is to build a track day monster, that will show you shouldn't underestimate British engineering!




Regional agent, based in Peterborough

Dave came to us, to see if we would like to expand our network, and we've happily taken him on. This allows those further away, to still get access to quality remaps, at competitive prices.


Dave has been in the MGRover scene for many years, and is a very active member who's always happy to help people.


Currently driving a SAWS Tuning powered MG ZT CDTi Auto, he's extremely happy with the results, and has confirmed its a league above the generic maps he ran previously.



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