Experience, Knowledge and Passion

Run by enthusiasts for fellow enthusiasts 

Years of experience, combined with our engineering knowledge and passion for MG Rover cars, ensures that we strive to create the very best products for our customers. We wouldn't want to pay for a second rate remap, and neither should you!


We're happy to upload our results, as we prefer a show rather than tell approach.



In-house developments

Built on countless hours of research and development

All our work has been developed by us, unlike the many other remappers in the market who purchase their work in from third parties. By doing the work ourselves we can ensure that the best is had from your pride and joy whilst still working within the safe range of the engine.

Investment in technology

Continuous investment to improve our products

From diagnostics machines to remapping equipment we're always investing to improve our services. We now have the ability to monitor in real time the VVC system (see picture above) as well as having the latest Bosch LSU4.9 wideband system to ensure air fuel ratios are correct to provide optimal power and engine reliabillity. 

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