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Remapping specialists for MGRover vehicles

Custom Remaps

All our remaps are tailored to your specific car, you'll find no generic remaps here.

Rolling Road Facilities

We can now provide dyno tuning with before/after print outs, at affordable prices.

Postal Service

Too far from us? Need an ECU to get the car started? No problem! We can provide a postal service to get you running, along with immobiliser reset or disable.

What a fantastic difference you guys have made to the car, pulls well, whilst still keeping sensible mpg. This is now the car MGRover should have made in the first place!

Over-run Burble

We can include an addicitve overrun burble when lifting off the throttle pedal, to compliment your exhaust system.

EGR Delete

Stop the EGR system from clogging up your intake, and improve the engines performance, by only burning clean air.

MAFless Remap

Avoid the need for expensive MAF sensor replacements, by having a MAFless remap. Regain that lost power (and then some!).

Our Locations


Manchester - Located in the Trafford Park area we can provide remaps for all engines with rolling road facilties available


Sheffield - Located not far from the A1 we can provide remaps for all but L series engines along with advanced diagnostics.


Leicester - New agent with years of automotive engineering experience, ensuring you're in good hands


Peterborough - Distributor service, provides excellent remaps in a more convenient location. Covers all engines. 

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