Who are we?

Specialist remappers for the MGRover community

Stephen & Will started off with little more than a simple goal. To build a fun, fast British track car. In order to get the most out of the modifications they began looking into the ECU to develop our own remap to fully compliment the changes we’d made.

After years of development, countless late nights and hours of dyno sessions SAWS Tuning opened up to the public providing a high quality service to the public at very competitive pricing!

All the work is done in-house and has been dyno confirmed so you know you’ll get the best for your pride and joy whether it runs a K series, L series, M47R (CDTi) or a KV6

Why settle for generic tunes or work bought from third parties when you can have a professional affordable custom tune done by people who know how to get the most from your engine..

Genuine custom work

Experience! Reliability! Expertise!

Because we understand your engine & ECU we can write remaps to suit all sorts of builds. 

That's why we were chosen to do the remapping for the Allegro VVC with NOS or the first CDTi fitted with a 330D Turbo.

The Mappers


Thing 1

Owner of the ZR VVC 170


Qualifed with a Masters in Engineering and currently working towards chartership status. You can often find Stephen spending his free time on the dyno testing out new developments .


Thing 2

 A masters degree in Mechanical engineer and a passion for learning. William has been at the heart of the MEMS2J development as well as the brain child for the SAWS Tuning supercharger project



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