Recent Results - Proven By Our In-house Dyno

See the results of our work for yourself !

MG ZR VVC - 170Hp

MG ZR Specs

-ITG Maxogen Air filter 

-Piper Exhaust cam

-Janspeed manifold & Sports cat


Stock ECU - 155 Bhp


SAWS Tuning Custom Remap - 170 Bhp

MG TF 135 - TT Mk7 Backbox

MG TF Specs

-TT MK7 Backbox


Stock - 134Bhp 

Custom SAWS Tuning Remap - 148Bhp 


LOTUS Elise  - MEMS 1.9

We're currently the only company on the market who are able to modify the MEMS1.9 ECUs which have been hailed as "untunable" for many years.

While not as flexible as the later MEMS2J & MEMS3 we can still squeeze some extra power and throttle reponse 


This service can also be applied to the early MGFs and various other Rover models



MG ZR 120 - 52mm throttle & Backbox

120s show good response to our custom remaps


This one in particular gained 13bhp at peak with 13lbft at 5500rpm


We also tuned in a sporty overrun burble



MG TF 135 - 151Bhp


Stock ECU - 136Bhp

SAWS Tuning Custom Remap - 151.6Bhp

MG ZT-T CDTi Auto 

This came in with a well known tuning box already fitted.


However a defective MAF sensor caused power loss at the top end along with terrible turbo lag


Our custom MAFless remap switches fuel control to the ever more reliable MAP sensor, unlike competitors who put the car into limp mode and tune around it. 

To meet the customers request of more power to help tow his caravan but with minimal smoke, we capped the power and torque at 145Bhp & 280lbft. 



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