Recent Results - Proven By Our In-house Dyno

See the results of our work for yourself !

MG ZR VVC - 170Hp

MG ZR Specs

-ITG Maxogen Air filter 

-Piper Exhaust cam

-Janspeed manifold & Sports cat


Stock ECU - 155 Bhp


SAWS Tuning Custom Remap - 170 Bhp

MG TF 135 - Decat and Custom backbox

MG TF Specs

-Custom backbox


Stock - 128Bhp 

Custom SAWS Tuning Remap - 138Bhp 


MG ZT CDTi - 150Hp Limited for Clutch 

MG ZT Spec


-Completelty stock engine

-20k old engine oil

-Original 140k mile clutch


Popular generic map - 134 Bhp


SAWS Tuning Torque Limited - 150 Bhp & 260 Lb/ft 


Despite being torque limited to prevent the clutch from slipping our custom remap still produces more torque at 3.3k onwards compared to a "high torque" remap done by a well known competitor. This results in a smooth pull all the way to the limiter vs a car that falls flat on its arse



MG ZR 105 - 122Hp

MG ZR Spec


-52mm Throttle body

-Catback exhaust

-K&N Airfilter

-Full service day before


Stock ECU - 115 Bhp


SAWS Tuning Custom Remap - 122 Bhp

MG TF 135 - 151Bhp

MG TF 135 Spec:


-Completely stock engine

-Low 49k Mileage

Stock ECU - 136Bhp

SAWS Tuning Custom Remap - 151.6Bhp

MG ZT CDTi Auto 

MG ZT CDTi 135 Auto spec 


-Completely standard car with 135 ECU - 125hp & 240lb/ft


-Custom SAWS Tuning remap - 143hp & 316lb/ft


Despite having a healthy MAF sensor this made under stock figures , no doubt due to a life of gentle driving causing a soot buildup. 


As part of the custom mapping process we found the high pressure pump struggled to regulate pressure under high rpm and could cut out if pushed too hard. As such we had to work around this to provide satisfactory results whilst keeping to the customers low smoke requirements and of course ensuring the car doesn't cut out under use.


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