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MG ZR VVC - 170Hp

MG ZR Specs

-ITG Maxogen Air filter 

-Piper Exhaust cam

-Janspeed manifold & Sports cat


Stock ECU - 155 Bhp


SAWS Tuning Custom Remap - 170 Bhp

MG TF 135 - TT Mk7 Backbox

MG TF Specs

-TT MK7 Backbox


Stock - 134Bhp 

Custom SAWS Tuning Remap - 148Bhp 


LOTUS Elise  - MEMS 1.9

We're currently the only company on the market who are able to modify the MEMS1.9 ECUs which have been hailed as "untunable" for many years.

While not as flexible as the later MEMS2J & MEMS3 we can still squeeze some extra power and throttle reponse 


This service can also be applied to the early MGFs and various other Rover models



Austin Allegro - VVC with NOS

A very unique build, a Austin Allegro with a VVC 160 engine, Mike Satur high lift VVC cams and NOS on demand!


Naturally aspirated - 175Bhp 


NOS actived - 212bhp !!

MG ZS 180 



Fitted with an gutted inlet manifold and a decatted exhaust this made a little over 'stock' . 


With our custom on the dyno remap another 12bhp & 15lbft was found, along with improved throttle response and fuel economy 


Stock - 181 bhp 


Custom Remap - 193bhp

MG ZT with a 330D Turbo

The first of it's kind. A M47R as found in the 75/ZT diesels fitted with a VNT turbo from a BMW 330D

Thanks to the larger turbo the safe limit of the stock injecion system was found at ~200bhp

With an uprated clutch this would easily create more torque (300lbft+)





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