Our prices

Remaps for all 25,45,75,TF models -£180

Covering both the Rover & MG models and all their engine varients 


Available at our Main dealer locations or with one of our approved agents


MGF , Lotus Elise and Rover MEMS1.9 Units -£120

We're currently the only company to offer this service, however despite that we're able to do these previously "untouchable" ECUs for a fantastic low price (available only at Manchester & Sheffield)


Lotus Elise, MGF 143 and Rover MEMS2J units - £300

SAWS Tuning are now able to tune the long declared 'untunable' MEMS 2J ECU.

This service replaces the once programmable chip on the board with our new upgraded software version which has been fully customised to suit your requirements. Including increased rev limiters, overrun pops and improved part & full throttle power!

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